[BOOK REVIEW] Déjà Vu (The Persistence of Memory #1) by Karen Janowsky

Author: Karen Janowsky

Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, New Adult

Publisher: Mill City Press

Publication date: February 24th, 2019

Format: ebook

Number of pages: 208


“No, this is human love. It’s messy and ugly sometimes. But it’s also worth it.”

Historical fiction meets superheroes. What else could I ask for?

Major Daniel Hecht is just a sickly boy live in 1938. That is until The Nazis took and change him into something else. He becomes powerful, his strength increasing. He also made it to 2011, still looking like a 30-year-old man.
In 2011, Nina Asher feels like she misses something important. Her memories, they’re gone. Even with amnesia, it didn’t discourage Roosevelt University to recruit her as the archivist.
They meet accidentally but once they see each other’s faces, something clicks between them. It’s like they have met before but neither of them remembers.
But what they didn’t know is that danger is coming. And facing the truth is the only way to save the world, even in doing so may be the hardest part of it all.

When I read the synopsis, this book intrigued me instantly. I love historical fiction and the idea of it mixed with superpower and romance made me eager to read Déja Vú even more. I expected something like The Sword and The Dagger meets Percy Jackson. Amazing story, awesome action, interesting characters and addicting romance, Déjà Vu didn’t disappoint me.

“You’re incredibly significant,” Ty whispered. “Remember that. Every one of us is made of stars. We’re all necessary.”

Set mainly in 2011, this book sometimes going back to the past around 1900. I loved the back and forth time format, it made me not missing anything going on in the present and knowing what happened in the past. If you’re afraid that you’re going to dislike the flashback because there is something interesting happening in the present, don’t worry. Janowsky put the order perfectly. There were no annoying cuts, I got the flashback right when I need it.

I also enjoyed when the characters go on their missions! I really felt the superhero vibes and I can’t get enough of it. I loved the suspense during the action scenes. The way those scenes were written, it made me craving for more. Janowsky did a great job building all of my feelings step by step with a steady pace until I reached the climax and everything felt so good. And tell you what, I’m here for the romance. I had a feeling that it’s going to be great but I didn’t think that I’d enjoy it as much as I did. All the tension, the sweet brushes of hands, the hugs and kisses, I LOVE AND SUPPORT.

“A compass. You are at a crossroads of your life. You need direction,”he exclaimed exuberantly. “And a large one, on your back where you can’t look at it and second-guess.”

Now, let’s meet the characters! All of them seemed like a fun person to be hanging out with though I didn’t get enough moments with the side characters. I think Janowsky focused more on the development of the two MC and it was worth it.

Daniel, as the ex of a brutal experiment, he became a Lionheart, a face of bravery. He was such a gentleman. The way he talked and act around Nina was patient and gentle. I respect him for that. To be honest, I kinda mad at him near the end. But well, people act differently when they’re angry. At least, he realized his mistake, thank goodness. Oh, and there was one scene of him that super hilarious. I can’t stop laughing while reading it. What a nice refreshing from the actual danger the characters were facing.

Having amnesia didn’t stop Nina for being amazing. She was brave and kind. I really liked her! There are many of my favorite scenes of her. I always love a strong female character. Give me more of characters like Nina!

Though the story was awesome, this series seems promising, and the main characters are interesting, I found it hard to keep my eyes on the book. That doesn’t mean this book was boring. No, not at all. It got something to do with the writing. The words didn’t engage me enough so I wasn’t really into it at the beginning. As the story goes, I could get used to how this book was written but it’d be nice if Janowsky’s writing was more ‘tell’ than ‘show’.

She didn’t need anyone’s protection. Nina never needed anything from him. It was all a fantasy.

Overall, Déjà Vu was a great read. The plot is done nicely. It gave enough but didn’t spill all the fun so I’m looking forward to reading the sequel! I wish there will be more action scenes and I get to see more from the side characters in the next book. If you’re looking for a historical fiction book with superpower, myth, and romance, I recommend you to read this book.

RATING: 3.25⭐/5

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