[ARC REVIEW] Kingdom of Exiles (The Beast Charmer #1) by Maxym M. Martineau

Author: Maxym M. Martineau

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Date of publication: June 25th, 2019

Format: ebook

Number of pages: 400



“No matter how hard you try, no matter how many battles you win, you will never survive me.”




Leena Edenfrell is an exiled Charmer. By surviving, she violate a law that is punishable by death—selling her magical beasts. Now the most talented assassin is hired to kill her. Leena bargains her life by offering something Noc can’t refuse, powerful mythical creatures in exchange for her safety. But soon, they realized danger is coming for them. Some mysterious person is going to make sure that Leena must die. Still, there is one other thing that is more perilous. One thing that could ruin everything, their feelings for each other.


I don’t know where I should begin. Everything about this book was mind-blowing. I picked it up expecting some cheesy romance with average beasts show up here and there but boy I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG. When the premise announced that this is going to be something like Fantastic Beasts meet Assassin’s Creed, well, I can’t be sure that they’re right because I haven’t read Assassin’s Creed. BUT, I can assure you that Kingdom of Exiles was perfection.


First, I want to praise Martineau for creating such awesome and powerful beasts. I love this book mainly because of them. The description about these creatures was so beautiful and detailed. I could picture them breathing and moving inside my mind. I swear, the images felt so real. Throughout reading this book, I tried so hard to remember their names and what their powers were. They’re just seemed so wonderful. Oh, how I love if there are some fan arts of them!


Now, let’s talk about the world inside Kingdom of Exiles because I can’t miss such a crucial and magnificent part of a fantasy book. I gotta admit there were a little explanation about how the kingdom works. Guess book one wasn’t meant for that. But their journey took me to get a glorious view of the stunning places in this book. Not to mention the beasts realms and a mysterious place where the Charmers lived! They were written so beautifully I could feel like I was in there with Leena and Noc.


How cruel was this? Death or a broken heart. Why were those my choices?


Besides the beasts and the world, I really liked the plot. Everything went so smoothly. No, that doesn’t mean everything is going to be okay. Clearly, not. The writing hooked me from the start then things quickly heated and that made me can’t stop reading. The story slowly but surely escalated into something big and magical. There were many things that got explained clearly in here but there are also some secrets that are yet to be revealed. This only make me dying to read the sequel!


The characters, they were all super fun to read. With different personalities, they made an interesting squad. Let’s break down some of them real quick:
Leena; brave, strong, smart, bold, and lovely. I liked her from our first meeting. She reminded me of some of my favorite characters.

Such a delicate thing, and yet there was strength to her stance. The kind of determination and grit that came from battling against terrible odds and somehow coming through it all alive.

Noc; always curious, cunning, mischievous, charismatic, secretive, and brilliant. He captured my attention right away with his silent mysterious way and the way he fought. He sure knew how to beat his opponent and gave a good show.

If he wasn’t so damn menacing, he’d be attractive. I’d swear he’d peeked at my soul on the train, the way his obsidian eyes burned right through to my core.

Kost; cold, aloof, smart, and honest Even though he striked me as cruel at first but I came to love him. He was loyal and kind to his brothers and so dang good at strategy.

I couldn’t be like Kost, offering affection and devotion only to be met with a cold shoulder. I couldn’t.

Ozias; kind, sweet, gentle. He was the only character that’s most easy to get attached to. I mean, he was the nicest and understanding person, how could I not love Oz?

Oz was a dominating figure—there was no denying that. But beneath his hulking frame was a friendly and sweet gentle giant.

Calem; flirty, wild, genuine. It felt like there’s fire running in his veins. He just full of eagerness and always looking for a challenge.

“Get behind me.” Low and dark, a chuckle escaped from the back of his throat. “I think I’ve been waiting all my life for you to say that to me, Leena.”


Beneath all that, this book left a strong impression on me. This isn’t just about falling in love with a dangerous man.
It is about finding what you really want and fight for it, no matter what.
It is about trying to survive with a terrible and haunting past.
It is about appreciating what you have and show everyone who really matters to you that you love them.


Hope wasn’t something I allowed to fester, because if I was wrong, the price was too high.


Overall,I loved Kingdom of Exiles! It was enchanting, magical, unique, and surprisingly sweet. The romance was well-written. It wasn’t too much but engaging enough. I really adore this book. If you’re looking for a fantasy read with mythical creatures, interesting characters, and gripping romance, I recommend you to add this book to your TBR.

RATING: 4⭐/5

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