[BOOK REVIEW] All Our Yesterdays (The Persistence of Memory #2) by Karen Janowsky

Author: Karen Janowsky

Genre: Adult fantasy, Romance

Publisher: Mill City Press

Date of publication: February 25th, 2019

Format: ebook




“Tell me anything you want. Tell me every burden you carried, and I will carry some of it for you.”


Have you ever read the second book in a series and you actually liked it better than the first one? That’s how I feel about All Our Yesterdays.


Love is hard, even for superheroes.
Nina and Daniel have never known any destiny other than fighting their separate masters’ wars. Now, a secretive organization is creating a weapon that will collapse history. Their fight is to stay together. It takes them on a journey around the world and into another dimension.
Nina and Daniel now face risks beyond their imagination. Sacrifices must be made, and time is running out.


Oh my, I want to talk about so many scenes but I want all my reviews to be spoiler-free. Okay, let’s just hope you wouldn’t get spoiled while I explain how this book enchanted me.


If you read my review for Déjà Vu, the first installment of The Persistence of Memories series, you must notice that I hoped for more action scenes and some spotlight for the side characters. Well, I didn’t get to see much from the other characters, just glimpses to support the story and the main characters BUT I did get more action scenes and holy guacamole, IT WAS AMAZING. I went to awesome, secret places to searched for holy artifacts to prevent the end of the world.


More punches and kicks from the and that also mean more superpower on display! I really loved how Nina, as an awesome and strong lady that she is, keep showing everybody that she would not cower and would keep fighting. Even though she is ‘special’ (no spoiler, so you have to read the book to understand what I mean), she didn’t use her privileges to get what she wants. She fought and bleed just like her friends.


“Sometimes love has to be selfish. Sometimes love is more powerful than wisdom, or even duty, by necessity.”


It’d feel incomplete to talk about Nina but not Daniel. At the beginning of the book, I felt a little bit annoyed by him, I don’t know why. One thing he never seemed to control is his jealousy. Okay, I get it, everyone is attracted to your girl, but dude, chill out. But thankfully, as the story goes, that feeling is gone. He grew more mature and understanding of his relationship with Nina. He truly loved and respected her, it’d never ceased to amaze me.


Also, ROMANCE! I’m swoon over by how their relationship took to a whole new level. I really liked and support them together. Unfortunately, Janowsky focused more on how the romance progressed than the danger that comes to doom the world. Hold on, that doesn’t mean there weren’t any developments on how they handle the problem. There is one plot twist that I didn’t see it coming, it surprised me in a very good way because I love great unexpected twists.


“I will never stop loving you. I will never stop saving you, whether you need it or not.”


I got romance, action, and of course, humor! Oh, I can’t forget a particularly hilarious scene from the first book and now I got a funnier one! I really liked how Janowsky slipped one big awkward accident and lighten the mood of the situation. I can’t wait to know what the accident would be in the final book. And there is one part that I really loved but I can’t talk about it here. It was awesome to get a peek to a different world and to experienced everything from Daniel’s POV felt magical.


Overall, I really enjoyed All Our Yesterdays. It was fun, fantastic, mind-blowing! This book is my favorite from the series so far. I can’t wait to read the final book and see how it will ends. I hope it concluded wonderfully. If you’ve read Déjà Vu, you definitely need to read this book. And if you’re new to this series and enjoy superheroes, romance, and adult fantasy, you need to check The Persistence of Memory trilogy now!

RATING: 3.5⭐/5

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