[BOOK REVIEW] The Red Rover: Origins by C.E. Whitaker III

Author: C.E. Whitaker III

Genre: Sci-Fi, Young Adult

Publisher: self-published

Date of publication: May 21st, 2019

Format: ebook

ISBN: 9781733862004



“When facing an opponent, the most important attribute you possess is not your weapon of choice, but the belief that you can defeat them.”





I was excited that this is a Sci-Fi book. Don’t scold me if I can’t tell it by the cover because I think the cover is stunning without screaming “I’m a Sci-Fi book, read me”. I like how it doesn’t give anything away besides attract people to read it. I need more simple and elegant cover like this one.


I really like reading Sci-Fi books especially if it’s set in the outer space. So this book is basically everything I wanted, except I doubted that the story about a bunch of kids in training is going to amaze me. Now, if I could turn back time and give myself a bucket of cold water for being so stupid, I would. Because those kids I’m talking about was spectacular. This book has slapped me (metaphorically speaking) for being close-minded and judged easily.


The Red Rover: Origins. If the cover doesn’t give me any clue, than the title is the one who did. Another thing I loved about this book, how Whitaker planned all this. Anyway, what is a Red Rover? Read the blurb below to know what this book is about.


When Earth is no longer fit for a home, humans are forced to move out and find a new planet to live in. Many years later, humanity built a civilization in the middle of a new solar system on top of a enormous flying metal called the Rover Base. They are trapped with routinization and duty. Children are trained to be a soldier, that includes Orion Moore, a boy who doubt his capability. With an amazing father and talented sister, he always see himself less than the others.
But time is running, situation changes, and nature is not on their side. Danger is coming that makes them need to find a planet to be their real home. Orion and his friends must face their final mission as neophytes sooner when their mentor is sure they’re not ready yet. But there is no time for hesitation, not when their focus and team work is needed.
Could the young neophytes completed their mission and become a cadet? Would humans survived then succeed of finding a new home?



In the end, baby steps were still steps. This was something they could build off of.


I love the idea of humans are no longer live on earth. It doesn’t mean I want that to happen soon. It’s just the journey of humanity in the outer space fascinate me, just like the way how things worked in the Rover Base. People live with a tight schedule and well, there were not much to do besides work for adults and train for the children. They sleep inside a stasis pod, which placed them in a suspended animation-like state for five to eight hours every night. Using the pods allow them to prolong their life for as long as possible.


I could go on and on about the world inside this book prove how amazing Whitaker with the world-building. It was awesome, really. There were many details so without difficulties, I could turn the words into vivid images on my mind. I really liked the description of the planets! And I visited some of them thanks to the many POVs on how this book was written. Because of that, I also understand the story better.


The writing was great, I was addicted from the start. I read the first page and suddenly I’m almost halfway through the book. The plot was nicely done. Sure, it was kind of sloe and nothing really happened in the beginning but that’s because Whitaker was trying to get me into the world. But once I passed that, the real things happened and holy guacamole, everything was fantastic! Some parts are packed with action and suspense, I literally gritted my teeth because I was so nervous that something bad will happen to the neophytes.



“It’s not fair, you know?”


“That this is the first time we’ve ever actually been outside. That we never got to experience the Earth. That we had to grow up on the Rover Base, because previous generations didn’t know how good they had it.”



Now, let’s talk about the characters and break down some of my favorites! First, I want to say that they’re all great, unfortunately some characters were exist just for the sake of the story. That isn’t a bad thing but I wish Whitaker give more of their background. But I assure you the main characters were awesome!
Orion; kind, constantly doubting himself while in fact he was amazing. I liked his character development, how he overcome his fear and be the best version of himself.
Marius; strict, discipline, a great mentor. I was okay with him at first but the more I know him, the more I came to like him. He seriously great at teaching his students though his methods was harsh. But he was actually care deeply and would do anything to protect them.
Rio; strong, smart and mature. I really loved her! She was the best leader her friends could ask for, and she’s lucky to have them as well.


Even though the main characters were teenagers around fifteen years old, this book is much more than a space adventure.
It is about the struggle of accept and loving yourself.
It is about friendship and how to manage differences to achieve a strong team work.
It is about how you handle your fear and learn from mistakes.
It is about friendship and how to manage differences to achieve a strong team work.
It is about trying to survive when it seems like all hope is gone.



Whether it was improving skill, supreme adrenaline or just dumb luck, they accomplished something they didn’t initially believe they were capable of and they did it while a man down. This was a prime example of what they could achieve when they worked together.



Overall, I really enjoyed The Red Rover Origins. It was a fun and incredible read with an amazing world-building. The story and characters both were strong and well-balanced. If you love Sci-Fi and looking for a book that full of epic adventures, amazing story, unique and awesome squad, you may want to try this one.


RATING: 4⭐/5

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